Who we try to be - St. Andrew's Parish

Saint Andrew's Church is a diverse intentional Christian community. Our congregation’s ancestry is from over 30 countries of origin. Our theological imagination is mindful of our Anglo Catholic beginning, We are Fed by word & sacrament. We strive to form and support disciples & apostles in God’s mission. We are ever mindful to be connected to the wider body of Christ. We exist to give you the opportunity to hear the Good News and enter into a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ and the way of his life. The Good News delivered is: God has reconciled all things through Christ. All people are loved unconditionally, no strings attached, no matter who they or what they do. There is nothing to fear and nothing so horrible that God will stop loving you. Each person experiences their own journey and intensity as their lives are transformed into the image of God. This happens with knowing and experiencing being loved for who one is not who one is "supposed" to be. Our mission is to be a presence ( a witness) along your journey and support you especially transitions because we see them as transformative opportunities. This process welcomes modern day disciples of Jesus into a community with other disciples.

We welcome change and value intellectual curiosity, scientific inquiry and rethinking long held beliefs as well as authority. As we know, God did not write the Bible and while we still hold it in the highest respect, we take the words as metaphor and allegory versus literally. We also see the Bible as the transcript and history of peoples’ experience of the Divine. The Sacred Tradition of the Church is also held in the highest regard along with the God-given understanding to think, question, doubt and learn. We encourage you to enter with an open mind.

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